6 Podcasts for Solo Travel

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Let’s be real: traveling by yourself can get lonely. If you’re not a natural social magnet – can’t say that I am either – you’ll most likely spend at least a chunk of your travels on your own. But that doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Why not spend the time you have learning something new or getting entertained af?

This is my list of my 6 favorite podcasts for traveling solo!

1. My dad wrote a porno (NSFW)

my dad wrote a porno podcast on iphone se

This is the closest this list will get to recommending a horror podcast, you guys.
Have you ever had the experience of finding out something spicy about your parents you’d rather not have known? You open a drawer, searching for a book, a legal pad or whatever the hell else a parent might be putting in drawers and suddenly, you stumble upon something you should never have seen. Well, imagine a whole multiple-season podcast about this exact situation!
Each week, Jaime Morton, along with his co-hosts Alice Levine and James Cooper, reads chapters from his dad’s self-published erotic novel, Belinda Blinked. It’s funny, it’s gross, it’s uncomfortable and highly educational – mostly probably for the author himself, who firmly believes that a woman’s cervix is barely even located inside her body. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed (and threw up in my mouth) as much while listening to a podcast as I did with My dad wrote a porno.

2. Punch up the Jam

Punch up the Jam podcast on iPhone SE

Most of us know the experience of jamming out to a song, getting really into it…and then hearing a lyric so weird that it doesn’t just stop you dead in your tracks, but actually perplexes you for years to come. What the hell did I just hear? you think. Demi Adejuyigbe and Miel Bredouw asked themselves that same question – and so, Punch up the Jam was born!
The hosts, both musically talented comedians most well-known from Vine and the hit-podcast Gilmore Guys (also on this list!), discuss popular, well-known songs, criticize them and finally punch them up, meaning they parody the songs they review and twist them into something hilarious. The chemistry between Miel and Demi is amazing and the punch-ups will have you holding your sides laughing.

3. Splat!

Splat! podcast on iPhone SE

When it first aired, Sex and the City was revolutionary. Not only did it introduce four complex and well-developed female main characters, but they also spoke of sex in a frank and honest way, as well as showing, for the time, pretty risky sex scenes. Today, SATC has become the butt of sexist jokes (hurhur, these women have sex, they’re whores), but people like to forget how it has shaped TV for women to this very day. Co-hosts Brooke Weisman and Bridget McNamara tackle SATC with their tagline „10 years younger, 20 years later“ as young women living in New York. They reflect on how the topics discussed in the show are still relevant, as well as analyzing whether situations depicted in the show would still be treated the same today. It’s well worth the listen, even if you’re not a fan of SATC or if you are and have been planning to rewatch.

4. How did this get made?

How did this get made? podcast on iPhone SE

Bad movies are my favorite guilty pleasure. And I don’t mean „oh, they tried, but I guess their plans didn’t pan out/they ran out of money“ bad. I mean „what the hell happened there“ bad. Hosts Jason Mantzoukas (as seen on „Brooklyn 99“, as well as most TV shows and movies ever), Paul Sheer (as seen on „Fresh off the boat“) and June Diane Raphael (as seen on „Grace and Frankie“) tear apart bad movies – and they’re hilarious while doing it. Expect everybody bullying Paul, Jason flirting and fighting with the audience and June and Paul (who are married with children) throwing subtle heart-eyes at each other. HDTGM is a great comedy podcast, even if you don’t know the movies they’re discussing. If you’d like some suggestions for where to start listening (seeing as they have about 300 episodes), I’d recommend the episodes on Birdemic, The Room, Barb Wire and Twilight: Breaking Damn 1+2.

5. Doughboys

Doughboys podcast on iPhone SE

Do you want to listen to a friendship violently deteriorate into animosity while hearing about American fast food chains? No?! What, you’re crazy!
The premise of Doughboys is simple: comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Weiger visit a new fast-food chain each week and review it with their comedian friends. Seeing as I live in Germany and don’t have access to 90% of the chains they review, you’d think I’d grow tired of their schtick pretty quickly. But no – I’ve been listening since 2016 and can’t say I’ve grown bored of Nick and Mike squabbling over fast food yet. Their chemistry and interplay is perfect: Nick, the overly analytical straight man and Mike, the bitter party animal will entertain the hell out of you while talking gross and greasy grub.

6. Gilmore Guys

Gilmore Guys podcast on iPhone SE

And finally, the podcast that launched my love for the medium: Gilmore Guys. Having grown up with a hard-working single mom, watching Gilmore Girls is almost kind of a cliché: the story of quirky and headstrong Lorelai and brainy, innocent daughter Rory was the first TV show I ever watched with my mom and I associate a lot of lovely memories with binging the former-WB program. Kevin T. Porter, having grown up loving the show as I did, leads co-host and Gilmore-newbie Demi, who has never sat down and consciously watched the show, through the episodes. The two are a charming duo, with Kevin coming off more as the hardcore fan analyzing the show he’s loved from the point of view of a grown up with Demi taking on the role of the straight man. Although I don’t agree with their opinions and word choices all the time, I’ve listened to the podcast on repeat for years, gleefully re-immersing myself into a show that shaped me into the person I am today.

I hope I could give you some suggestions!
What are your favorite podcasts for travel or in general? Do you listen to podcasts at all or do you prefer music or audiobooks? Let me know in the comments below!