Vegetarian Food Guide: Augsburg

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This is part 2 of my Hometown Travel-series, in which I take a look at my favorite budget & vegetarian food spots in Augsburg, Germany.

I found it exceptionally easy to put together this list – I’m a huge foodie and restaurants are usually the first thing I look for in a new city. With food being such a big source of comfort for me, it seems only natural that I’d try out many different restaurants to find what soothes me the most. And – of course – we’re on a budget here. So I’ll include only places that a regular university student could afford.

Without further ado, I present to you:
My top 6 favorite affordable veggie restaurants in Augsburg, Bavaria!

1. Asia City (Sushi, Chinese Food, Soups)

In my experience, great Asian food is usually found in the most unlikely places.
Asia City is known throughout Augsburg as a delivery service. But did you know that there are two Asia Citys? One of them is indeed a delivery service and located in the Pilgerhausstraße 26. The other one, however, is restaurant-style and found 500 meters further into the city, up the Leonhardberg.
While I wouldn’t suggest Asia City for a romantic date (although I’ve had my share of awesome dates there), it’s a wonderful place with amazing food for cheap prices.
This may be controversial, but I feel that Asia City sushi is good enough to compete with much pricier sushi places here in Augsburg (such as Kigiku and Ichiban, both of which I chose not to include here because they’re pricey). They also serve rice and noodle-based dishes, but my highlight next to the sushi are their soups! They offer Udon, Soba, Ramen and Pho for very reasonable prices and in huge portions. Having been to Japan twice, I’ve eaten my share of Ramen and while it doesn’t exactly taste authentic, I like this version better because it has more veggies than the „original“ noodle soups in Japan.
If you visit Asia City with a second person, I suggest you split one sushi menu and one soup. It will definitely fill you up and you’ll walk away not paying more than 10 EUR per person with drinks. Delicious and affordable – I cannot recommend Asia City enough.Asia City, Karte

2. ShuShu Falafel (Arabian Food)

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My second favorite restaurant in Augsburg is ShuShu Falafel. As the name already suggests, you can get falafel here – but that’s not it by far! The menu is diverse: ShuShu offers its food either as sandwiches or as plates, as well as salads, pastries and shared platters for both vegetarians and meat-eaters.
The difference is that sandwiches include wraps, while on plates, they deconstruct the sandwich filling and supplement it with lots and lots of yummy hummus and pita. I always without fail order the Maqali plate, which is a huge portion of fried potatoes, zucchini, carrots and eggplant with a big splash of hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers and fermented turnip, served with sauces to dip pita in. I also always order their homemade ayran (which, in case you don’t know, is a salty yogurt-based drink with lots of parsley and mint) and a black tea afterward to let the dinner settle.
Going to ShuShu is always a real treat. The building is relatively narrow and has two levels. The front is mostly glass so you can watch the passersby while you enjoy your food.
Price-wise, ShuShu Falafel is very reasonable, with their sandwiches costing around 4-5 EUR and the plates costing around 5-6 EUR. The ayran costs 1,50 EUR, the tea 1 EUR; the other soft drinks are about 1,50 EUR.

ShuShu, Karte

3. Ganesha (Indian Food)

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Ganesha is one of my favorite date spots in Augsburg. Conveniently located on a street by the theater, this Indian restaurant may not look all too fancy from the outside, but the inside is beautifully decorated with dim, moody light. The servers are kind, helpful and treat you unusually well for this price class. The food is incredible – rich flavors, huge portions, fresh herbs.
My favorite orders are the Dal-Shorba (a simple but flavorful lentil soup), the Aloo-Palak (potatoes with spinach), Aloo Gobhi (potatoes, cauliflower, ginger and coriander), and Dam-Aloo-Kashmiri (potatoes stuffed with homemade cheese, vegetable curry with almonds).
When you come to pick up food, you’re always treated to some homemade chai and we’ve been given extra naan more than once. I really love the atmosphere here and feel like I’m treated especially graciously, so this is a big recommendation if you want to have a nice, romantic dinner with somebody special.

Ganesha Augsburg
Ganesha, Karte

4. Da Ponte Pizza (Pizza)

This little stand is a hidden-not-so-hidden gem right at the Moritzplatz tram stop. It’s open very irregularly (usually between 11:30 and 2 pm, closed on Sundays), so you’ll often miss it, but it’s definitely worth the visit if you’re hungry and on a tight budget! Their concept is simple – they sell four sorts of pizza; salami, mushroom, pepperoni and ham, costing 1,70 EUR a slice. I usually order one mushroom, one pepperoni and munch on them while walking to the next station. Being a tiny stand right at the tram stop, there aren’t really opportunities to sit down comfortably – not to mention that there’s always a cue when Da Ponte is open. I suggest you just walk or sit down at the Ullrichsplatz (400 m further on) or the Rathausplatz (300 m further on). The pizza is greasy and satisfying and the pieces are huge. Two pieces will fill you up nicely with only 3,40 EUR spent. Great for those who love pizza on a budget!

Da Ponte Pizza AugsburgBildschirmfoto 2018-07-30 um 17.47.09

5. Frites van Holland (Fries)

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I love fries. Love them. If I could, I’d eat them every day. I probably should.
Anyway, if you love fries like I do and don’t care about being healthy or losing weight, visit Frites van Holland between the Königsplatz and the Moritzplatz. It’s a simple little stand squeezed next to a Dunkin’ Donuts that offers thick-cut fries with lots of different topping options. You can get the classics, ketchup and mayonnaise, OR you can go HAM and choose a sauce off their special menu for 60 cents extra. I suggest you do – they have fun and funky flavors such as wasabi, peanut, chipotle and – my holy grail – chili cheese sauce. The employees are really nice and don’t skimp on the sauce either – I’ve often witnessed them fill up the container by half, put in the sauce, then fill the fries up all the way and put more sauce on the top. Man, I just appreciate that. Y’all are my fry heroes. You can choose a small, medium or large cup and pay 3,85 EUR at the most. Affordable, awesome, calorie bomb fries? Um, YES PLEASE?Frites
frites van holland, Karte


6. Lee Asia Imbiss (Vietnamese Food)

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Can you tell that I like Asian food? Lee is a tiny stand by the Königsplatz. I usually go there for lunch because they offer a delicious, quick and easy fried noodle box for 3 EUR. The portion is perfect if you’re hungry but not starving and you get all kinds of condiments to spice things up if you want to. There’s not much to say actually! It’s just a simple, lovely, cheap place that’s great if you’re on a budget and on the go. I’ve never had anything but the fried noodles there because I just love them so much, but the rest looks and smells incredible, too, so I can only recommend trying some stuff out!lee asia imbiss, Karte

I hope you liked my list of favorite affordable vegetarian eats in Augsburg!

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