Welcome to my little neck of the woods!

I’m 25 and a recent college graduate. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature (German/English/French) from the University of Augsburg in Germany, as well as diving into the world of Media Arts at the Karlsruhe University of Art and Design.

Now, I’m forging my path as a journalist, author and blogger. At the moment, I live in Tokyo to study Japanese.

I started Vinegar & Wine in June 2018, hoping to share and further explore my love for travel and writing, as well as speaking about topics that I care deeply about, such as pop culture, identity politics, mental health, self-care, and tourism.

Additionally, I’m working on my first book, a Victorian fantasy-novel about a young woman struggling between family obligation and self-fulfillment. There is no release date as of yet.


Work with me @ vinegarandwine.blog@gmail.com

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